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Bubchen, Helga

CFO at LLC "Selection"

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Added by Smith Paul 16 days ago

Helga (derived from Old Norse heilagr - "holy", "blessed") is a female name, used mainly in Scandinavia, Germany and Hungary (Hege, Helle, Helge, Helga, Helka or Oili). The name was in use in England before the Norman Conquest, but appears to have died out afterwards. It was re-introduced to English-speaking nations in the 20th century from Germany and the Nordic countries. Russian name Olga (Ольга) is derived from it. Scandinavian male equivalent is Helge, or Helgi.

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Added by Smith Paul 21 days ago

MapAround makes it easy to develop rich interactive .NET-based applications with GIS functionality. Ideal for solving most common problems when working on a geospatial software.

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New features for pluings



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